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Unique Statuary Made With The Ashes Of Your Beloved Pet

Welcome to Paws for the Memories!


We have a delightful selection of dog and cat statues that can be displayed inside or outside your home.  What is so unique is that your memorial statue will have the ashes from your pet mixed right into the cast stone mixture, making the entire statue a part of your pet.

Instead of having an urn in the shape of a box, you can now enjoy the memory of your beloved pet in the form of a whimsical dog or cat in which you can look upon while sitting in your home or outside in your garden, on your patio, or wherever your four-footed friend might have enjoyed hanging out. 

Our statues are made from cast stone in which the ashes are blended into the actual stone mixture.

Cast stone is extremely durable and can be placed outdoors.  We do recommend if you live in an area that has cold temperatures, that you bring your memorial statue inside during cold weather to stay warm and safe.

From receipt of the ashes to the delivery of the statue, you can be assured that extreme care and respect of your beloved pet is our first priority.

You can expect to receive your statue between 3-4 weeks after receipt of the ashes.  Since each piece is handled on an individual basis, we take our time to be sure your pets memorial is made with the love and care that it deserves.

Our statues are unique. Models and molds were created locally...with lots of love!

We have various colors and styles to choose from.



"Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."